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Get Motivated: Find Your Trick

Have you ever felt uninspired with photography. If you shoot long enough, you’ll run into days where things simply don’t click and fall into place. Trying to keep myself inspired for my 365ish Photo Project, I sometimes find myself hunting, searching and looking, yet I come up with … nothing. Nothing that I’d be proud […]

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Project 365ish: Let’s try this again …

At the beginning of the year I started a 365 / 366 / 365ish photo project. I think projects like this can help you improve your photography in several ways. On the technical side, taking a daily picture will help you become more familiar with your camera and gear. Having recently got a new camera, I […]

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PLP071: How to prepare to shoot fall colors

On Today’s Show I answer a listener’s question about photo reflectors I chat with Joe Cosentino about: Preparing to shoot Fall Colors Some interesting Mirrorless Camera Options We discuss some image that we crafted On this show I answer a listener’s question about the use of reflectors and how you might use the colors of […]

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Why “Expose To The Right”?

I’ve been asked about the term “Expose To The Right” (ETTR). It’s a technique used by some photographers when shooting certain types of images, in particular landscapes and those that might have dark “noisy” areas within the image. I thought I’d give you a little insight as to what “Exposing To The Right” is all […]

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