You don’t need big, heavy camera gear to make great pictures. Mirrorless Cameras have forever changed the landscape of photography. YOU can learn to make stunning images with lightweight, agile, mirrorless gear. Size, weight, performance and capabilities are some of the many reasons people choose a mirrorless camera over a large, bulky DSLR.


All of the photos below were taken with Lightweight, Agile and Nimble cameras. No DSLRs were used.

Are you someone who has chosen to use a nimble mirrorless camera system? Do you want to create beautiful photos that you’ll be proud of? Would you like to learn some simple yet powerful tips on how to use your mirrorless camera that will change how you take pictures? Then this is the website for you!

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Greetings! I’m Sonny, and welcome to Pocket Lenses!

I’m a professional photographer who absolutely LOVES to craft beautiful images with my lightweight mirrorless camera gear. I own a photography business in San Diego, California and have photographed a variety of subjects: portraits, events, bands, weddings, landscapes, architecture, automobiles and more. I’m a husband, father, educator, podcaster, blogger, geocacher, musician, runner and all around geek.


Long ago, I worked with film cameras and developed my own prints in darkrooms. For years, I shot with DSLR equipment professionally. I enjoyed and appreciated the quality of images that I was able to create with that system. Times have changed, and my need for a large bulky system is gone. I’ve completely switched over to using a LIGHTWEIGHT mirrorless camera system for my professional work. I often get questions from people who love their mirrorless cameras and want to know how they can make great photos without having to lug around heavy, bulky equipment.


I created this site when I realized that I was answering the same, common questions again and again. I thought that there might be others who also had similar questions about photography and were looking for tips that they could use right away with their mirrorless cameras. I created this site because I LOVE to make great images with my light and agile gear. There’s something very satisfying about moving around with lightweight, nimble gear, not being bogged down with bulk and yet still crafting memorable images that I’m proud to share.


On this site I’ll share all the tips, tricks and techniques that I’ve learned over the years to get great pictures with my mirrorless camera. I’ll show you how to improve your photography along with lots of articles, video tutorials, a podcast and other helpful resources. On this site you’ll find many ways to grow your skills and really get the most out of your lightweight, agile, mirrorless gear.

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