Get Motivated: Find Your Trick

Have you ever felt uninspired with photography. If you shoot long enough, you’ll run into days where things simply don’t click and fall into place. Trying to keep myself inspired for my 365ish Photo Project, I sometimes find myself hunting, searching and looking, yet I come up with … nothing. Nothing that I’d be proud to share for that day’s shot. Have you been there?


In order to kick-start my inspiration and motivate me to shoot each day, everyday, I resorted to a trick I’ve used in the past. A trick on myself actually.It mostly works. This time, I’ve chosen one lens, in this case a 60mm (90mm full frame equivalent) macro lens, to shoot with for a week. What can I create with this lens? What will it’s capabilities allow me to do and what will it’s limitations restrict me from doing and therefore force me to be creative and find a solution?


I don’t often shoot with the 60mm. It’s not as versatile as some of my other glass. But in the last 3 days, I’ve discovered shots, around my house, of tools that are in my space, that have worked for my images. I really like how they’re turning out.


Now what trick can you play on yourself to get you going and shoot? That’s going to depend on you, your personality and your gear. Maybe for you it’s a Black and White week, or maybe it’s a water theme, maybe it’s a people theme, or maybe it’s using off camera lighting. There are so many possibilities and options with photography, it’s one of the reasons I love it.


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