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Review: Turnstyle Photo Sling Bag

I love photo bags that are NIMBLE, FAST and give you EASY ACCESS to your gear. Watch my video review below of one of my favorite photo sling bags: The Turnstyle Sling Bag by Think Tank Photo USE THIS LINK if you’d like to purchase the Turnstyle AND support this website at the same time.

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How To Make Money with Your Photography

How to get paid for your photography I was recently asked: “How can I start to make money from photography? I feel I’ve reached a level where people would be interested in some of my work .. but what’s the next step?” I know that there are many people who’d like to find out what steps they can […]

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Lightroom Video Tutorial: Beginner: Adjustment Brushes

Lightroom by Adobe is one of THE most used photo editors by both professionals and enthusiasts. There are some good reasons why it’s so popular and extensively used. Even though there are some drawbacks, it still has features and tools that make it both effective and useful to many photographers. It is a complicated program with […]

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Review (Video): Think Tank: Trifecta 8

My review of the Think Tank Trifecta 8 Camera Backpack One of my favorite lightweight, mirrorless camera gear carrying solutions! Like many photographers I know, the quest for the “perfect” camera bag may be a perpetual exercise in futility and here’s why: As photographers, we encounter and experience a wide (and wild) variety of situations. […]

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