PLP084: A Chat with Peter Baumgarten: 2 of 2


On Today’s Show

  • I chat with photographer Peter Baumgarten part 2 of 2
  • We discuss the backstory behind some of his images
  • He give tips on how to improve your photography
  • He talks about some gadgets that he uses to create his images

Peter has been a passionate photographer for over thirty years. He is also a 30-year veteran of the teaching profession at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Peter has been able to combine these two loves with the development of photography and graphic design courses and multi-day workshops. “There is no greater joy than seeing a student’s eyes light up when you pass on the power of creative thought and expression.”

Peter’s work has been published in a number of magazines including Canadian Geographic, Digital Photographer, PhotoNews and Shutterbug, along with being recognized for excellence and vision on a number of websites. Peter has been shooting with Olympus cameras right from the start and has been an Olympus Trailblazer since 2014 – the only Canadian ambassador for this well-respected company.

Peter lives on Manitoulin Island (Ontario, Canada) with his wife and the comings and goings of six adult children. The vast majority of his photos help show off the indelible beauty of the Northern Ontario landscape.


Image by Peter Baumgarten


Image by Peter Baumgarten


Image by Peter Baumgarten


Image by Peter Baumgarten

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